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Established  in 2016 Phoenix Thinking: LGBTQ+ is a Coaching / Training company dedicated to assisting the LGBTQ+ community to feel stronger, more confident and understand who they truly are. We believe you should have pride in yourself, be fearless of your future and realise the dreams you have.
With our workshops, personal coaching sessions, seminars and training there are many ways you can get involved and start living the life you want. 



Our latest breakthrough:

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As a gay man, I am very proud of the achievements made within national and international LGBTQ communities over the past 30 years. While we have seen amazing breakthroughs, there is still a lot to be done, and that is what PT: LGBTQ+ is here for: continued progress, but on an individual and personal level.
After coming out, I honestly thought that was it – life would now be easy. Turns out that was only the beginning. Coming out opened my eyes to a whole new world, a world I struggled to understand, appreciate and get along with. While this may sound overly dramatic to our straight friends, anyone who has felt this struggle will understand the confusion.
On a night out to a local gay club with my friend (and now business partner), I explained the struggles, the prejudice and the emotional upheaval of being a gay man. We discussed the fear of coming out to friends, family and work colleagues, the worry of being judged, the various stereotypes placed on the community, the boxes we are assigned to, the discrimination, the need to keep up appearances, and the overwhelming pressure to look good. I started to realise that I can’t be the only one who has felt this pressure, this fight for acceptance within a community I thought would instantly welcome me. This got me wondering: can I help those in the LGBTQ community overcome these struggles? Completely out of character, I didn’t even make it to the dancefloor to cut some shapes that night!


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